The Benghazi Affair- sometimes the worst cirumstances produce the greatest heroes

An aspect of the Benghazi episode which is often overshadowed is the story of the two American soldiers, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. Ordered to stand down, these men instead threw themselves into the breach between embassy employees and attacking Jihadists. They didn’t fight for 15 minutes, or 45 minutes- they fought for 7 hours, seven long hours of bullets bouncing off walls, exploding RPGs and the screams of the dying and wounded. Surrounded, outnumbered, and badly outgunned, they managed to survive and fight on. This was heart breaking courage and combat skill, of the type displayed in Somalia and portrayed in the movie, Black Hawk Down. In 7 hours, you could almost paddle a canoe across the Medditeranean, you would think. 5 hours into the attack, while Woods and Doherty were still alive and fighting, our president engaged in a phone call, a call to Hillary Clinton, and a call he originally insisted he did not make. Not a call giving a command to do everything possible in order to get help to those besieged in Benghazi. It was about shaping the publics perception of the attack in light of the coming election. No help reached the embassy that night and at some point the bodies of the two defenders went limp. None of that though, diminishes the sheer courage of those two warriors, who willingly laid down their lives not only for their friends, but for others they didn’t even know. They fought valiantly, and they refused to break rank. What ever political fallout comes from our leaderships breach of duty and shirking of responsibility in this affair, none of it can tarnish the heroic and selfless action of these two men. It is certain that there was no breach of duty or responsibility on their part.


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