The History of the Bias of Scientific Naturalism

All scientists suffer from bias and are capable of misreading the evidence or jumping to conclusions for a variety of reasons, but since the advent of Darwinian theory the examples of lack of caution and even fraud have gone off the charts.  And yet despite the dozens of scientific hoaxes and frauds by evolutionary scientists, the public and average college or high school student remains uninformed and the myth of the unbiased objectivity of the materialistic scientist continues to be perpetuated.

We have to admit, if we want to be honest, that an unbiased scientist wouldn’t lie or falsify information in order to support popular scientific theories. And yet, since the rise of Darwinism, this has happened repeatedly from the very beginning. Darwin himself, admitted in his journals that both he and Charles Lyell were both very biased against the Christian religion and the Bible particularly, and that this had been a motivating force in developing their theories of biology and geology;

“Lyell is most firmly convinced he has shaken the faith in the Deluge (Noah’s Flood) far more efficiently by never having said a word against the bible than if he had acted otherwise…I have lately read Morley’s “Life of Voltaire”, and he insists strongly that direct attacks on Christianity (even when written with the wonderful force and vigor of Voltaire) produce little permanent effect; real good seems only to follow the slow and silent side attacks.” Darwin (1)

Darwin’s inability to deal with the reality of the fossil record which he admitted appeared to falsify his theory was one display of his bias, and Lyell’s extremely dishonest and theory laden interpretation of the geological column is another. Many modern evolutionary geologists have honestly admitted this in the journals;

“In fact, the (biblical) catastrophists were much more empirically minded than Lyell. The geological record does seem to record catastrophes…In order to circumvent this literal appearance, Lyell imposed his imagination upon the evidence…”(2) S.J. Gould

They were not alone. The history of the rise of evolutionary theory along with its uniformitarian geological counterpart is a history of one deliberate hoax after another, in an effort to persuade the public. However hoaxes are not the only problem, or evidence of bias. More often than not, a total lack of objectivity on the part of evolutionary scientists has caused normally honest researchers to see what they want to see when viewing the data. This has led to numerous embarrassing conclusions and false “discoveries” as the over zealousness of investigative scientists got the best of them.

The problem is, these discoveries often make the headlines initially and the public reads an incredibly biased and evolutionary view of the find- and 6 months to a year later when the evidence falls apart, the story may show up on a back page somewhere. Or not. At any rate, let’s very quickly take a look at some of these evidences of bias on the part of scientists committed to the atheistic worldview.

Ernst Haeckel- Haeckel was the promoter of the idea that embryo’s repeat their evolutionary history as they develop. He also strongly asserted that the “fact” that all the various animal embryo’s looked alike at various stages, was a strong proof of evolution. He was so zealous of this evidence that he decided to “help” it along a little by faking his embryo drawings, to make them look more similar. He was charged with fraud at his own university in Jena and found guilty. He sometimes used the same woodcut of an embryo to represent 3 or more different embryos. His ideas became known as the “biogenetic law” although modern fetoscopy has shown, for example, that the human embryo does not follow any evolutionary stages in its development and is fully human from conception. And every different type of embryo; reptile, bird, mammal, etc., develop along lines distinct from other types. His drawings still appear in modern public school textbooks. Haeckel, like most evolutionists was adamantly racist, saying, “These lower races (such as the Veddahs or Australian Negroes) are psychologically nearer to the mammals (apes or dogs) than to civilized Europeans. We must, therefore, assign a wholly different value to their lives.” Haeckel, the Wonders of Life, New York, Harper, 1904, pp. 56-57

His idea of embryology has been used often to justify abortion up into the third trimester, arguing, at the worst, only a chimpanzee or other ancient relative would be aborted, not a human.

The Piltdown man- The Piltdown man was one of the first alleged ape-men fossil finds, discovered in a Piltdown, England gravel pit by Charles Dawson near Darwin’s home. He was helped in his investigation by a very liberal Catholic priest, who was totally committed to Darwinism, Pierre Tielhard de Chardin. The find consisted of a human skull and a very ape-like jawbone which was claimed to have been found nearby. This discovery, probably more than any other, did more to establish evolution in the minds of the people than any before or since. The men associated with the find were knighted by the Queen and arguing against evolution or the exalted evidence proved quite futile for the few that dared. Thousands of papers were written talking about the ape likeness of the skull, and the humanness of the jawbone and vice-versa, and this went on for 50 years. Then finally, in 1953, the skull and jaw were subjected to new tests, and it was discovered that the jaw bone was in fact very recent, and the teeth had been filed to make them look more human, and then treated to make them appear old. The jaw bone was determined from the collagen to have belonged to an Orangutan and the skull was from the Middle Ages when the site had been a burial ground for the plague victims of the plague of 1348.    It was a total fraud. It was never discovered who, for sure, was responsible, but most feel it was probably the zealous Pierre Tielhard de Chardin.

Nebraska man- This find was in the docket to be used for evolution in the Scopes trial. It was a small tooth discovered in a Nebraska field. Evolutionists decided it was the tooth of a monkey-man about halfway evolved between the Neanderthal and the Java man, and it made a two page spread in the leading London newspapers. Further digging proved they had jumped the gun a little though, as it was discovered the tooth belonged to a peccary, in the pig family. Not a hoax, just a common example of a sad lack of objectivity. The perpetuator of this embarrassing evolutionary escapade, Henry Osborne, a director of the American Museum of Natural History, said this;

“The standard of intelligence of the average adult Negro is similar to that of the eleven year old youth of the species Homo Sapiens.” Osborne, The Evolution of Human Races, Natural History, January/February, 1926, reprinted in Natural History 89, April, 1980

I could fill a book with these but let’s jump ahead to more contemporary examples in recent history. These also are legion, but we’ll just look at a very recent one. The Archeoraptor Fraud- In 1999, a new fossil was found that was just what evolutionary scientists were looking for. It was presented and promoted in the National Geographic, and given the cover picture which showed a small T-Rex covered with feathers. The actual find was an upper body that resembled a bird, with a tail of a therapod dinosaur. Feather like structures were found on the fossil, as well. The National Geographic proudly claimed the fossil was absolute proof that birds had evolved from dinosaurs. Like the Piltdown Man, this story made the headlines. Thankfully, though, this time it didn’t take 50 years to discover that someone had glued a dinosaur body part on to a bird fossil. And, as the National Geographic well knew, the fossil had been obtained illegally.

Interestingly enough, this whole story may not have come to light if hadn’t been for the controversy between evolutionists who believe in the dino to bird theory and those that don’t. The story provides a rare look behind the usual carefully “maintained for public image” curtain of evolutionary propaganda presented to us by both the media and scientists themselves. Eventually Stors Olsen, the leading curator of ornithology at the Smithsonian wrote a blistering letter to the Nat’l Geographic for their overzealous and unobjective handling of the evidence. Among other rather candid charges, Olsen said this;

“The idea of feathered dinosaurs and the theropod origin of birds is being actively promulgated by a cadre of zealous scientists acting in concert with certain editors at Nature and National Geographic who themselves have become outspoken and highly biased proselytizers of the faith. Truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence have been among the first casualties in their program, which is now fast becoming one of the grander scientific hoaxes of our age—” (3)

Obviously, the idea being promoted by both the media and our academic system, that the secular scientists are hands down more objective, open-minded, and unbiased than their theistic counterparts is indeed a fairytale.

As a matter of fact, if you research the fields of science prior to its takeover by zealous atheists, you’ll be hard pressed to find hoaxes of any sort. Yes, you will find men being very bull headed, and scientists have always had trouble seeing beyond the contemporary consensus. But deliberate hoaxes and enthusiastic and unobjective jumping to conclusions like our contemporary wizards? Hard to find much of that among the Christian founders of modern science.

But the actual historical facts show that it is the evolutionary secular scientists who have been the perpetuators of hoax after hoax and who have continued to embarrass themselves by allowing their own religious bias to rule them; the bias of atheism.


(1) Gertrude Himmlefarb, “Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution”, 1967, pg. 387

(2) S.J. Gould, “Catastrophes and Steady State Earth”, Natural History, 84, Feb. 1974, 15-17.

(3) This letter from the Smithsonian can be read in its entirety at just search for “the Smithsonian rebukes the Geographic” on the site’s search engine.


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