Supreme Court Victories, yes; but the Erosion of Liberty Continues

 The Hobby Lobby decision and the decision on using sidewalks around abortion clinics do represent victories for civil and religious liberties.  But keep in mind, that in every court case we’re winning, we are also losing. We *win” the right as employers not to have to support contraception or abortion, but lines are drawn which reduce that right. Before the healthcare law that right, completely unfettered, already existed, now it has been challenged and boxed in. We won back some freedom to protest the destruction of the unborn, but as Alito and Scalia have noted, other restrictions of freedom have now been drawn with all the strength of the Supreme Court. We used to have laws against blatant displays of homosexual behavior, then they became rarely enforced, then dismissed. But now the government is passing laws forcing people and states to openly support homosexual behavior. Even a victory for the baker will lead to more laws drawn, less neutrality of government, less freedom. But I thought you couldn’t legislate morality? Ultimately you can’t. But you can legislate law after law after law, and continually suppress dissent against the government’s chosen standards of morality and interpretation of rights.

The old saying that too many laws creates outlaws is often true. They can also backfire and actual produce the kind of behavior they are aimed at controlling. More unwanted behavior, the government reacts by passing more laws still, sanctioning, taxing, regulations, interpretations. Interpretations on enforcement, interpretations of interpretations. It can become endless. Every judicial ruling means a loss of individual freedom of conscience to interpret. And if the laws are passed locally, by county or state, you can leave that state for one more conducive to your own conscience. But when the federal government butts in, that freedom is also lost. The areas where an individual can interpret for themselves, according to conscience and without fear of government interference, are shrinking. We may be winning some cases, but we’re still losing freedom.


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