The youth Culture, sign of Apostasy?


The Youth Culture

 “I will make boys their officials, mere children will rule over them…the young will rise up against the old and the base against the honorable.” Is. 3: 4, 5

Youths oppress my people and the women rule over them, Oh my people, your guides lead you astray, they lead you from the path” Is. 3:12


Virtually everyone who writes on the history of the youth culture says the same thing, that prior to 1920 there really was no youth culture, as we know it today. Living in a culture like ours, where not only are we in our 4th or 5th generation of youth culture, but where it has reached the point of youth worship, its hard to imagine a normal culture.

I say normal, because, for the most part, excluding periods of Greek history, the youth did not have their “own” culture inside a culture like today.

People of all ages shared common values, common music, common dances, and the youth were trained to emulate the elders. So like many other aspects we have discussed concerning earmarks of The Apostasia, youth culture didn’t exist for the last 2000 years, and really exploded in the 1960’s. And as in the Darwinian and the Feminist challenge, the new values of the exploding youth cultural were accepted with open arms and they promised a freedom and worship of life and beauty that had never been experienced before.

However, as a survivor of the first explosion of youth worship and freedom, I can tell you quite frankly, that for many of us the results were not only less fulfilling than we expected; they actually led to death, divorce, disease, dysfunction, hurt and alienation. As the bible clearly tells us, death and suffering is the result of sin, not righteousness.

Looking back from today, it’s very easy to laugh at and see the fallacies of the sixties generation, but in fact, I believe that generation x and y are still following along the same route, only to a more sophisticated road map.

And every generation is somewhat distinctive from one another, each bearing its own differences; each one makes its own promises and each one has its effect on those both young and old and on the contemporary church.

That the 60’s generation was more blatant in its promises, than the proceeding generations, is true. But what is often not realized is that each succeeding generation is in fact coming from increasingly dysfunctional homes and is still accepting and idealizing, not rejecting, the basic values of the “God is dead so live for sex and drugs” generation of the 1960’s. In fact, the sixties generation could be excused to some degree because the new life styles and morals they were experimenting with had not been tried for the last two thousand years. There was a certain innocent foolishness to the affair. Succeeding generations have had the benefit of witnessing the dysfunction and trauma that followed the new experiment and yet have not rejected the overall premises behind them. They have become more jaded and careful in their drug use; they practice safe sex; they’re more concerned with making money. But their basic values are the same.

Each generation of youth culture followers are convinced that they are the answer, that they are entirely unique, and each is confirmed in that by worshipping adults, or adults that are simply confused.  And yet they all end up copying the 60’s folks in most ways, with subtle twists in their acceptance of rock music, rock stars, and rock lingo, rock dress, etc. Christian rock and the worship of money or stardom or fun or sensual enjoyment of all earthly goods; just another version of “ya yayayayy live for today”. Not that all rock is somehow wrong, but it was the music of the sixties that accompanied the drug and sex culture of the time period. There are a thousand nuances in modern rock but nothing essentially new or different being done today.

Just as the sixties music still holds a grip on the modern youth culture so do its values. Only go to college, make lots of money, and by all means, maintain your image and fulfill your dream. And while they’re not dying from drug overdose as fast as they did when I was growing up in the 60’s, we are not the light to the world our Puritan forefathers envisaged either. Nor can the present generation be faulted for what they have inherited. While other generations were not so blatant as the post sixties generations, the previous generations going backward in time have all been part of a long slide away from the ideals of the early Puritan colonists which founded the first colonies with the set purpose of building a nation that would be a light on a hill to all other nations

Our puritan forefathers may have been guilty of legalism at times and over zealousness, but what ever their faults, no one has ever accused the puritans of being a “lost generation”. And while it is a history not commonly taught anymore, the puritan societies were almost crime free, with little or no family dysfunction. No single parent kids, no children suffering through the pains of their parents bitter divorces, and no separate youth culture. They loved music and dancing, but everyone did it together, young and old alike.

This particular generation, generation x or xy, according to the youth experts and marketers is more obsessed with narcissism than any previous to it. It is often referred to as the “me” generation. So that personal beauty and hundreds of pictures on facebook, Myspace and anywhere and everywhere are quite common.  This is in part because this is the first generation that has had access to camera phones and face book pages, but it still seems to be an identifying mark of this latest phase of the youth phenomena.

Another aspect of this generation is their unquestioning acceptance of feminism; the uni-sex idea that exploded in the 60’s and emphatically is not found in the bible. They have also adopted an extremely low view of truth and seem to be even less sure of moral absolutes than the wild sixties people were. Their love of “networking” while not with out value, increases their dependency on each other for reinforcement of whatever is hip, cool, fun, etc. etc. They are never alone and never more than seconds away from their cell, their laptop, and thus never with out instant feedback for cultural reinforcement.

Now some of you are probably asking, yeah, but what does this have to with the arrival of the period the bible calls the Apostasia, or the great falling away? (2 thess.2: 3) Well, for one thing, like Darwinism, existentialism, feminism, and higher criticism, the youth culture started within the last hundred years or so. And like Darwinism, it had a huge impact on the culture, and not necessarily all for good.  The apostasy deals with the church and the Christian nations, because it is a falling away from a pre-existing faith.

It is not a falling away from religion or even a falling away from all forms of Christian worship. People love church and worship and the social union it can bring.

But this social union and worship, and even the preaching, is in the process of divorcing itself from the bible. It is a falling away from the reality and authority of scripture. Many will protest that they have scripture readings and bible teaching every Sunday and that is undoubtedly true. But my experience has been that certain parts of the bible, particularly those that are obnoxious to this culture will be either ignored, played down, or interpreted in such a way that they no longer run against the grain of the culture.

As scripture is reinterpreted and reinterpreted until even the most straight forward concepts must be forced to obey the Darwinian view of origins and the feminist view of sexuality and other cultural nuances  it becomes clear that the god of the Christian church is the god of the culture, not the Author of the Bible. This is the essence of apostasy.

We are doing what Daniel refused to do in Babylon and what Luther refused to do in the 16th century. We are bowing our knees to the culture, a culture which is arguably the most antagonistic to historical Christianity than any in the last two thousand years.  The Prophet Isaiah makes it clear that the rise of youth culture or youth culture becoming dominant is a sign of apostasy in general;

“I will make boys their officials, mere children will rule over them…the young will rise up against the old and the base against the honorable.” Is. 3: 4, 5

Youths oppress my people and the women rule over them, Oh my people, your guides lead you astray, they lead you from the path” Is. 3:12

But like everything in apostasy, though usually blindingly attractive, youth culture is a lie. Its promises are hollow and though flattering, false. You are not the only generation, you will not live forever, and you will die and meet your creator. And in fact your youth itself will fade quickly, if you live long enough. And if life itself is all about youth, then what?

The Bible makes it clear that there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself in your youth, but it does remind you to;

“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth before the days of trouble come…for God will bring every work into judgment.” Ecclesiastes 12.

And if you are allowing yourself to be dragged along by your culture, and allowing it to dictate how you view yourself, others and even the Scripture, you are making a serious mistake. This culture, both in itself and in its sub-culture of youth is easily the most dysfunctional and anti-Christian, anti biblical culture that has ever existed, at least in the old Christian nations of which America was and is.

You’d be wise to spend time in the writings of Solomon and in perusing the words of wisdom found in the Book of Proverbs. And for those of you who have accepted Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah, and thus are to be “no longer living for ourselves but for Him who died for us.” 2 Corinthians 5:15, you might want to consider the narcissism and self absorption of the youth culture and the wisdom in allowing the youth culture to guide you, in the light of New Testament Scriptures.

“But mark this, in the last days terrible times will come, men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money,…disobedient to parents, conceited…lovers of pleasure…and having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” 2 Tim. 3

Or, “Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace along with those that call upon the name of the Lord in pureness of heart.” 2 Tim.2:22

“You younger men likewise be submissive to your elders, all of you cloth yourselves with humility one towards the other…” 1Peter 5:5


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