The wonderful world of religious pluralism

I believe in freedom of religion but that doesn’t mean that I believe all religions or religious views are equal. In America the old pagan view of religious pluralism has become very popular, and since the government has inserted atheism as the default religion into the school system, we’ve seen a resurgence of a animistic view of forest management as well as a high minded lofty of view of all religions, It has become the height of bigotry to consider a religion to be false. Judaism had been around for well over 1200 years before Mohammad was born and Christianity for 600 years. Mohammad brought forth the Koran, some of which follows the Old Testament, but often what it says is closer to Jewish commentaries on the OT. Instead of the blessing going to Isaac of the Jewish people, he decided it went to Ishmael of the Arab tribes. And instead of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world and resurrecting, Mohammad said Jesus simply appeared to die, but not really. Mohammad then picked up the sword and began to attack the Jewish and Christian people from whom he had borrowed his new form of theism. Naturally, many Jews and Christians find that to be a false religion. But the pluralistic view of religion and morals has such a grip on many Americans that no matter what the Islamic religion teaches or its people do, It’s impossible for them to draw such a conclusion, no matter how accurate it may be. After all, in an atheistic world, there can’t be a wrong or right religion. And thus there is no real evil in the world. I’m going to suggest that that view is in collision with reality. And we’re seeing the same results from governments which adopt that pluralistic view in foreign policy as we saw when the USFS adopted the animistic view of forest management. In the woods we see wasted timber profits, job loss, overgrowth, diseased and bug infested dying forests, and burned to a crisp forest land. In foreign policy we have witnessed Islamic implosion because we refuse to recognize and deal with a false and intimidating religion as it is. Instead of telling them what a wonderful religion they have as Obama did in Cairo, we should be telling them to pursue the original Jewish holy books and Christian New Testament, and consider following the original Jewish religion, or if they think the OT points to Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, than to follow Christ. But not to follow Marxist/atheism which has proven to be even bloodier than Islam, and not continue in Islam which has left them in darkness for centuries. We might consider returning to those roots ourselves if for no other reason that what were doing right now ain’t working.

Have a great day, and an even better Thanksgiving!


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