A Government Hijacked by Atheism

The funny thing is our government has been hijacked by a political party steeped in and supported by atheism. This view is supposed to be the intelligent view because American colleges and schools endorse it and won’t even discuss any other view. The belief is based on faith in the natural evolution of life on earth from dead matter to amazingly complex living creatures, and all the textbooks tell our students that evolution is supported by the scientific evidence, like the fossil record. President Obama believes the fossil record and all the evidence, supports the atheist view of evolution. How intelligent is that? Can political and religious views based on a false understanding of the evidence be accurate? No matter how terribly smart a person is, or thinks they are, what happens if what they believe in is absolutely false?

On pg. 137 the 7th grade textbook Life Science says. “The most abundant evidence for evolution comes from fossils like those found on the shore of Lake Lavon in Texas”

Really? Stephen J. Gould quoted below was a leading paleontologist at the Chicago Museum of Natural History, an evolutionist and Marxist, who admitted the fossil record absolutely failed to support Darwin’s theory.

“The extreme rarity of transitional forms is the trade secret of paleontology“… “The history of most fossil species includes two features particularly inconsistent with gradualism: 1.) stasis, they appear in the fossil record looking much the same as when they disappear. 2.) Sudden appearance, in any local area a species does not arise gradually… it appears all at once, fully formed.” (Stephen Gould, (an evolutionists and Marxist) Natural History, 86:14, May 1977)

“Increasing diversity and multiple transitions seem to reflect a determined and inexorable progression toward higher things. But the paleontological record supports no such interpretation.. There has been no such steady progress in the higher developments of organic design. We have had instead, vast stretches of little or no change and one evolutionary burst which created the whole system.”
S.J. Gould, Natural History, 85(6): 1976

Atheist politics fail because they have no basis in reality


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