Are desecrating graves and denying the holocaust the same as slandering the prophet Mohammed?

Should criticism of Mohammed be banned in the free world?


In his UN speech where he called for a ban on “slandering” the prophet, president Obama equated Holocaust deniers and those who desecrate Christian graves, with those who slander Mohammed; Huge difference here; desecrating christian graves or relics is a clearly defined crime and already against the law virtually everywhere; denying the holocaust is idiotic- but no one is having their heads cut off for denying the holocaust. Slandering the prophet, according to actual Muslim interpretation and practice, is usually defined very broadly as anyone who says anything critical ( even if true) about the prophet Mohammed. In Saudi Arabia, not long ago, a doctor said online that he was a Muslim and follower of Mohammad, but didn’t agree with everything Mohammed had said. He found himself charged with blaspheme and faced with the death sentence of beheading. Once again the president is talking apples and oranges when in fact he is playing with apples and hand grenades- This is appeasement and perhaps treasonous, because on this basis American freedom of religion and freedom of speech to criticize the historical Mohammed and Islam could be breached. This is the speech that put a mideast immigrant in jail in America for making a video critical of Mohammed. Is the world a better place now, after Mr. Obama’s great speech making?


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