The Onion scoffs at American Christians

The Onion scoffs at American Christians who believe their rights are being stepped on; how droll…

The Onion, a popular spoof news site with those millennials who have their rudders and minds set in the current of popular culture, recently posted a picture of American Christians huddled in a basement around a small Christmas tree; the idea being spoofed is that we American Christians have any reason to complain or even suggest that Biblical values, and therefore those that hold to them, are being persecuted. And mind you, we are not getting our heads lopped off as they are in the MidEast by Muslim people, who our present administration assures us are motivated by climate warming or economic issues, but not by their religion. Of course I haven’t heard a lot from my millennial liberal friends about the thousands of Christians who have been martyred or captured and sold as slaves inside the boundaries of Muslim countries, those great enclaves of freedom and peace.

However they do have time to smarm at those most ridiculous of all American people, those that believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith and whose desire is to be in tune with the ancient scriptures that ruled the consciences of our founding fathers. You know, fundamentalists, the ones my geography text said were as big a threat as militant Muslims. But back to the point- should we who espouse a biblical worldview wait until it’s too late to begin to fight back? Should we ignore the fact that we can no longer pray in schools while the atheists are free not to pray? That we can’t teach the scientific evidence for a theistic origins of the Universe, while our atheist friends are free to teach their Darwinian view? That we cannot refuse to partake in homosexual wedding ceremonies while they can force us to partake in such weddings or pay the penalty? That contrary to thousands of years of legal protection in Christian nations, prenatal humans have been stripped of their right to life?

And do they think it’s a big joke that all such actions on their government’s part fly in the face of and violate the first amendment of the US constitution?

“That their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Thomas Jefferson probably wouldn’t find the Onion post very funny either (not that most Onion fans would care, they get their morals by counting likes on facebook pages) he said;
“…the purposes of society do not require a surrender of all our rights to our ordinary governors . … experience has nevertheless proved they will be constantly encroaching on if submitted to them;.. there are also certain fences which experience has proved peculiarly efficacious [effective] against wrong and rarely obstructive of right, which yet the governing powers have ever shown a disposition to weaken and remove. Of the first kind, for instance, is freedom of religion.”
Jefferson, Thomas, Writings, Vol. VIII, p. 112-113, to Noah Webster on December 4, 1790.

It takes no courage to snark and hide yourself among the pack of mindless culture bound gerbils running towards the sea; but to stand against the flow, to willingly place yourself in the chair the culture has defined as the dunce seat- now that takes courage. And it takes faith, faith in something beyond the endlessly drifting culture


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