The world must be a place where Islam can be criticized

The Muslims do not need an American president to assure them that they have the only religion in the world that cannot be criticized. That they are the only belief system that must not have to deal with taunts or negative discourse. With their track record of intolerance towards other religions, they don’t need further entitlement. Christians in America had to endure movies like, “the Last Temptation of Christ” in which Christ was portrayed as a womanizer and homosexual, and atheist talk show guests and hosts that take shots all day long at Christianity and Christians. That’s okay, we can take it. Though we may protest peacefully if it’s bad enough. But there is no freedom of speech in Islamic countries. Somebody call Obama off his endless appeasement and entitlement program for the most oppressive religion in the world except perhaps for atheism. Has it helped? Hardly. In fact, making Muslims feel like they’re the only religion entitled to a “safe zone” has just given them a justification for Jihad like we saw in France. It may well be that this president’s constant refrain of the world must not be a place where Muslims or their prophet can be criticized, has helped to fuel this out pouring of violence and bloodshed. We don’t need that.


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