The Most Religiously Prejudicial President in the History of the United States of America

And the Puritans thought King Charles the First was a threat to Biblical Christianity?

Some Christians politely try to beg off from participating in homosexual marriage ceremonies- and they are pursued by the government, their assets seized, dragged in to court- they’re hate mongers;
Muslims blow up trade centers, crucify Christians by the thousands, gun down American citizens in government offices and schools, throw homosexuals off of roof tops, scream, “death to Israel”, commit honor killings of their women and beat their wives in accordance with their Koran- and they’re called the religion of peace and the president of the United States takes every opportunity to defend their faith as the religion of peace, claiming constantly that they are being misrepresented.

I think we may be dealing with a huge prejudice issue here, a serious double standard; actions speak louder than words and there appears to be a huge disparity in the way Mr. Obama treats religions. You think maybe this would be the time to send a different sort of message to American Muslims? Like, hey, we love you, but you better had take responsibility for the actions of your people, or we will take action against your people, even as far as deportation? Is there anything Muslims can do and still not wear the label of the religion of peace? Is there anything Christians can do to get off Obama’s scorn list?


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