No Wonder we have a War Between Our Ranchers and the Federal Government

No wonder we have a war between ranchers and the federal government-

What the textbooks say Pinchot was about-(Gifford Pinchot along with T. Roosevelt were the founders of our public lands systems)
“Gifford Pinchot, an influential citizen and later as director of the National Conservation Commission, advocated environmental conservation as he witnessed the nation’s forests and wild lands being increasingly given over to development.” Human Geography, Knox, Marston, EWU textbook

What Pinchot actually said-“The first principal of conservation is development, the use of the natural resources on this continent for the benefit of the people who live here now. There may be as much waste in neglecting the development and use of certain natural resources as there is in their destruction.” Gifford Pinchot, the Fight for Conservation

The federal government, like in almost everything else, has adopted an atheist or pantheist view of our natural resource management on public land; this has caused tremendous hardship on rural taxpayers, ruined economies and is ruining the graze and forest areas themselves. It also is negatively affecting the lands ability to sequester carbon efficiently. They have taken a view in direct opposition to the men that founded the forest service and BLM and to the bible itself- and this view has failed.

The textbook writers would, with a sleight of hand, have you believe that modern day environmentalists share a common view of the environment with the early founders of the conservation movement. They don’t. Modern environmentalists view man as an alien and believe the best use of resources is to leave them alone. Many of them are pantheists; they view the earth as a living being that should be worshiped. Pinchot and all of the leaders of the conservation movement held basically Christian worldviews, and believed that the earth had been created with man in mind.

“The first great fact about conservation is that it stands for development. There has been a fundamental misconception that conservation means nothing but the husbanding of resources for future generations. There could be no more serious mistake.” Pinchot, the Fight for Conservation


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