God Save Our Public Lands (and Us) from this King

Public land is not public land under this King. Public land was set aside by Roosevelt with the express purpose of keeping it out of large corporate or private hands so it could be accessible to the local people. It was the same in concept as “the commons” were in England. And so it was up until the late 1970’s or early 80s. Small logging and ranching towns flourished, wood cutters and trappers, sheep ranchers and shake cutters prospered. Local mills employed thousands across the west.

Then came the environmental movement out of the explosion of paganism in the sixties, (yes, it was hippy paganism) with the idea that the forests and rangelands were to be left alone, worshipped, not logged or harvested. In the following years thousands of mills closed and small logging families struggled to stay in the timber harvesting business. The pagan view of resource use was endorsed and promoted by the colleges and many politicians, as most were from urban environments. The old biblical view, that the earth was created for man to use, a view that caused an explosion of technology in Christian Europe that put us light years ahead of the rest of the world, began to fade, and was considered, “uncool”. Thousands of miles of roads were closed and urban environmental extremist groups litigated every logging sale in the northwest.  Under Bush some of the anti-use policies of the BLM and USFS were pushed back-but then came Obama. No previous president has been as zealously supportive of the urban environmental coalitions as this young product of our universities who had absolutely no rural background at all and who lacked the character to question his professor’s purely philosophical and biased lectures. He was interested in passing his courses as easily as possible, and as a pantheist, had no real reason to think independently

President Obama’s land policies in the west have already lead to thousands of dead, burnt and dying acres, dead cows, dead ranchers, and BLM infantry units and FBI hit squads out on our once peaceful open ranges. Nothing like this ever happened under previous leaders. This man is not a president of the people. He is as tyrannical as King Charles the first with absolutely no empathy for the people outside of his urban voting reserves. As Lavoy Finicum spun to the ground in Oregon, three bullets in his back, our president was somewhere in DC, probably golfing, eating expensive organic food, or perhaps on one of his many trips to Hawaii or beyond. The death of a western rancher who was protesting the government’s anti-rancher land use policies meant absolutely nothing to him. This man is not a representative of the people, he is a narrow minded academian with no agenda but his own very narrow one, and a very one-sided bigot. Not because I say so, but because his behavior towards everyone he doesn’t understand or agree with shows that to be the case.

Perhaps we deserve him. We are a wayward people, who have not taken our Creator very seriously, or even our constitution. All I can say is -God save us from this King.


About notmanynoble

woodcutter from Washington State
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