Hope and “Fundamental Change”? or a Restoration of what made America Great?

If America is such a horrible, racist, imperialist country; why is all the illegal border crossing basically one way? Why does everybody still want to come here? And why are millions of North Africans and Arabs from the middle east flooding into Europe?Americans are not lining up to get into Mexico and Europeans are not asking the middle eastern nations to feed them and give them jobs and housing. And this in not new, for decades people from all over the world have wanted to come here. If we became and still are to some degree, one of wealthiest and free nations in the world, why did we elect a president who said he wanted to “fundamentally change America”? Unless we have become fundamentally idiotic? History has proven that great nations begin to crumble and fall when they lose sight of what made them great. And no person I know of has lost that vision more than Barack Obama. America has never been perfect, but neither was it a country established by evil expansionists. And it has been, at least for a time, the greatest country in the world, at least in terms of economic and religious freedom and opportunity. Christianity and Christian morality lie at the foundation and backbone of this nation, as does religious freedom. Toss that away and you toss the nation away. You don’t get “fundamental change” you get fundamental destruction of all that made us great. Adopting the African slave trade did not make us great, Throwing the 5 Civilized Tribes off their lands is not part of what made us great. But throwing the entire nation’s economic and religious freedoms, bridled by Christian morality, under the bus of atheistic socialism will be the destruction of every thing we stood for. Freedom is risky. But anything else becomes slavery. When you vote don’t just think of burning cars and looters and of entitlement of the masses. Think of small coal mining or logging towns, their economies threatened or already crushed by federal government policies; and of lone cowboys being gunned down in the snow for trying to protect the right of a small ranching family to run a business and produce a marketable product. Think of unborn infants in their mother’s wombs who no longer have even the basic right to life, who have lost the freedom to exist. Of catholic nuns being forced to support abortion or bakers levered against their conscience to take part in same sex weddings, or be fined out of business. Not what the Puritans envisioned, and not the fundamental change we need. It’s time to vote to protect the individual and to restore the individual’s basic human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anything short of that won’t work


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woodcutter from Washington State
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