Recognizing the inherent dangers of the Islamic religion isn’t a phobia

Recognizing the inherent dangers of the Islamic religion isn’t a phobia

I wanted to reply to a popular trending facebook post yesterday that basically states people are being taught to hate Muslims, like Malcolm X, etc. I apologize to my non-collegiate friends because their instincts are good enough to know that Islam is not an enlightened religion, and that doesn’t mean they hate Muslims.

But college is now designed to strip you of the ability to reason, and it rewards you for simply adopting the “right attitudes”. So as quickly as I can- people are not being taught to hate Muslims- have you not attended a secular college? It is the premier theistic religion in academia, following only atheism in adulation. They love it.

2) recognizing that Islam is a violent, coercive religion which strangles freedom of thought in a society, doesn’t mean you hate Muslims. It means you reject Islam as a religion, got it?

Moving along- Mohammad, the founder, the example to Muslim people, was a caravan bandit, and led raids against Jewish villages- according to the Sira, he personally beheaded 100s of Jewish people. He had women, mothers, assassinated. During his Meccan years he was poor and his Quranic verses were passive; after he moved to Medina and began raiding, particularly Jewish towns, his power increased and the verses he wrote became violent and warlike. This is called the principle of abrogation which Muslim apologists fail to inform people in order to mislead. He robbed people of their money and property, he killed, he told his followers to beat their wives, he had sex with barely teenagers. Just for starters.

If his followers imitate him, how will they behave? During a revival of brutal Jihad around the globe – it is not hateful to slow down Muslim immigration into America. All religions are not equal- and there are dozens of Sharia countries around the world where they could immigrate. How stupid do you want to be? If you want to discuss this or debate the merits of Islam, fine. But radio the posts that equate rejection of Islam with a phobia. That is not a coherent argument; it’s an ad hominem attack


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