Why does our federal government tolerate urban rioters but gun down protesting cattle ranchers?

Is it a government of the people, or of a party?

This year we have been witness to many government protests. Most were inner city riots, carried out by people who largely subsist on government welfare. These groups attacked police with rocks, overturned and burned cars, and looted and destroyed private businesses. In these situations both the police and national guard were told to “give them room” and in general the police forces and government were very careful to not respond violently. Most of those violent protest groups were made up of democratic voters, voters that support “the government party.”

The second type of protests we saw took place out in the middle of the northwest desert, far from any private businesses. The protesters were ranchers who were being harassed and regulated off their traditional range lands by the BLM. Even federal judges have supported the rancher’s claim that that the BLM has behaved criminally and hostilely towards the ranchers. These ranchers are not usually supporters of the government party, the democratic party, and usually vote Republican or independent and they run family businesses like cattle and sheep ranches on range land they developed and using water and springs, they developed even if on public land. How were these protesters treated by the government law enforcers? They didn’t riot, they never threatened any private property. No cars were burned, no rocks thrown, no stores destroyed or looted. How were they treated? They were ambushed on a isolated highway, in the middle of nowhere, and gunned down in the snow. No questions asked. There seems to be a slight disparity in how the government treats protestors that support the democratic party, the government party, and those who are independent thinkers and support the Republican party.


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