Time to Turn Back to Reality

Think about it- the whole world is using our technology and our medical breakthroughs, advances that came from the Judeo/Christian nations. Mean while our own politicians and professors are shouting, “all religions are equal!” Bull snort. If they attack us they’ll use planes and weapons and internal combustion engines developed in the west. If they treat their soldiers, they’ll use medical discoveries from the west, and most recently, those discovered by Jewish researchers. Pantheism fails, and pantheistic morals fail, leading to HIV outbreaks and syphilis epidemics and broken homes and societies. Time to turn back to reality folks, and start celebrating our advantages, blessings that come from acknowledging the one true God. Let’s stop attacking the religion that gave them to us. Let’s share the faith and quit maligning it.


About notmanynoble

woodcutter from Washington State
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