Worried about white privilege? Try some Jewish Privilege!

Worried about white privilege? Try some Jewish Privilege!

Isn’t it kind of strange, with all the “black lives matter” riots and empathy and all the talk of white privilege, it’s the Jewish people who are being targeted? College Campuses go all BLM! but also BDS Israel. The US government insults Israel but holds hands with Persia (Iran) You want privilege? Try some Jewish privilege! 400 years of slavery in Egypt, targeted and persecuted across Europe, Russia and the Mideast by Christian and Muslim and Atheist alike, for millennias. Thrown off their land in pogroms in Russia and the Ukraine, made to wear yellow stars in Spain, banned in England, robbed and treated as dhimmi in all Muslim countries, thrown in gas chambers in Poland and Germany. Nobody ever gave the Jewish people free housing or food stamps all those years, no one gave the Jewish people empathy, yet they always survived and prospered. So much so that their success inspired more persecution, not less; and not one Jew rioted. How do explain the Jewish people? In one three letter word- GOD
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