Kudos to Britain for Brexit!

I can hardly believe the Brits still had the b___s to do this. The greatest and oldest and possibly the first Christian nation in the world- Welsh rebels against Rome were kept prisoner in Caesar’s household as servants when Paul the apostle was there and brought the gospel to Wales after the invasion by Claudius- for almost 2000 years, never perfect but always Christian as a nation- even in Churchill’s time. And Winston made it clear it was Christianity that had made them great. Since then Britain has fallen from her roots like a staggering old lady deep in the dementia of old age, forgetful of all that made her great. But now, even as the anti-Christ stirs in the shadows, suddenly we see a little of rebel leader Caractacus in her, defiantly casting off subservience to Rome and giving them the royal boot. And may the Lord bless Britain and keep the EU far from her


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woodcutter from Washington State
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