It is wrong to Refuse to Stand Against a Known Evil

A vote for the left is a vote directly for saline acid bath abortion and physical dissection of the most innocent of human beings and continued promotion of the free sex at all costs 1960s lifestyle. Not to mention a few other problems.

The candidates running for office represent parties, and those parties have histories; they supported judges for SCOTUS who stood for major decisions, the Dred Scot decision legalizing slavery, for example; that was the democrats. They supported Roe vs Wade, that was and is supported by democratic judge picks. Even the kicking the 5 civilized tribes off their land- a decision that Davy Crockett fought against tooth and nail, was largely the actions of the Democratic party. So these two candidates still represent two different parties, with histories of separate values. The Democratic party has adopted and promoted the values of the 60’s moral implosion for over 50 years. Free sex, abortion, the anti-family and anti-biblical feminist movement. They promoted the welfare program to manipulate the black vote and virtually destroyed the black family structure. They have promoted an anti-American and anti -Christian spirit while soft peddling Islam and atheism and socialism. They have been the leaders in going after the second amendment, stripping us of our arms. The Republican party has not been consistent in its support of traditional (Christian) values, the Democratic party has been consistent in attacking them. Who knows, Trump may be the anti-christ- but I know for sure what the Democratic left will do. And you’re not going to vote? Pshaw.


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woodcutter from Washington State
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