Is carbon in the atmosphere forcing dramatic warming or has it been historically a natural result of warming?

How much of a role does carbon play in weather change? Is carbon in the atmosphere forcing dramatic warming or has it been historically a natural result of warming?

Carbon build up in the atmosphere follows warming periods in weather interpretations taken from the ice core- carbon doesn’t precede or cause warming but appears to be a product of weather change

I don’t want to be too hard on my “man caused climate catastrophist” friends, because I know it’s a closely held religious view,(one that has removed God from the picture or gives him little consequence) and has some aspects which are quite convenient to human nature. You can watch porn all day, cheat on your taxes, and endorse the killing of unborn infants at a political level, and still not violate any religious standard. Not bad. But not necessarily scientific. One of the interesting aspects of the interpretation of weather in the ice cores, and not one I plan to major on, but still of interest, is the relation of warning trends to carbon build up as it’s found in the cores. Does Carbon cause weather to warm or is carbon build up a result of warming climates? Well….that’s not really a tough argument to solve, because in the ice core samples interpreted by scientists, carbon build up follows climate warming- it doesn’t precede it. Some reports estimate it follows by 800 or more years, and some say the lag is only 400 or so years. I think it’s probably much less as I don’t think the ice sheets are that old. But what we do know, is the carbon does follow the warming, not vice versa. Faced with this data, articles defending the faith of carbon caused warming go into long discussions of mathematical calculations on how to measure man caused carbon input, its ability to effect warming, or oceanic input etc. But at the end of the rabbit trails we end up with the fact that in the historical weather reading from the ice cores- warm weather periods were not a product of carbon build up; carbon build up was the result of warmer weather. This would help explain why there was no temperature rise from 1940 to 1970, a period when man produced carbon entered the atmosphere at one of its highest rates. Kind of would of been better for climate catastrophists if the reverse was true. This isn’t to say carbon doesn’t play a role in warming- But it’s not the driving force of weather change people would like it to be. Man is a religious creature by nature, and particularly when that religion puts so few moral demands on him. And when that belief is handy politically, it’s very hard to part with.


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