Pres. Obama and his “who we are” speeches

President Obama and his “who we are” speeches
It’s not the government’s job to tell us “who we are” or what we are. Our founders didn’t come to this nation so they could be fed by the government, be given jobs by the government, or have every basic need and security provided by the government. And definitely not to be told who they were. They came to America so they could decide “who they are”, or what they believe, and to let their consciences decide what right and wrong are according to their freely chosen beliefs. They wanted no king or president, like the bullying, self righteous president Obama, to force his personal political, religious, and moral views on themselves. No thank you. This government was founded for one reason only, and that was to protect the basic inalienable liberties given to mankind by the Creator. One of those is the freedom to decide who you are, whether government officials like it or not. We want freedom, which breeds diversity, and the freedom to protect that diversity. States can be different, counties can be independent and differ from other counties. Enforced government control where people are afraid to dissent from an over-stepping federal government that insists on telling you who you are, is polar opposite from the intentions of the founders. The former president’s over-used terminology, was a thinly disguised form of bullying, and little else. And his agenda was not to protect the varying beliefs that make up America, or respect the founding beliefs of America, but to impose his tired old academic version of left wing atheist socialism and it’s 60s version of sexual morality on everyone else- so he could dictate “who we are”. Whether we like it, or not. But, Mr. Obama; we prefer to tell the government who we are; not vice versa, and our feisty forefathers would have whole heartedly agreed.


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