Kudos to Britain for Brexit!

I can hardly believe the Brits still had the b___s to do this. The greatest and oldest and possibly the first Christian nation in the world- Welsh rebels against Rome were kept prisoner in Caesar’s household as servants when Paul the apostle was there and brought the gospel to Wales after the invasion by Claudius- for almost 2000 years, never perfect but always Christian as a nation- even in Churchill’s time. And Winston made it clear it was Christianity that had made them great. Since then Britain has fallen from her roots like a staggering old lady deep in the dementia of old age, forgetful of all that made her great. But now, even as the anti-Christ stirs in the shadows, suddenly we see a little of rebel leader Caractacus in her, defiantly casting off subservience to Rome and giving them the royal boot. And may the Lord bless Britain and keep the EU far from her

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Worried about white privilege? Try some Jewish Privilege!

Worried about white privilege? Try some Jewish Privilege!

Isn’t it kind of strange, with all the “black lives matter” riots and empathy and all the talk of white privilege, it’s the Jewish people who are being targeted? College Campuses go all BLM! but also BDS Israel. The US government insults Israel but holds hands with Persia (Iran) You want privilege? Try some Jewish privilege! 400 years of slavery in Egypt, targeted and persecuted across Europe, Russia and the Mideast by Christian and Muslim and Atheist alike, for millennias. Thrown off their land in pogroms in Russia and the Ukraine, made to wear yellow stars in Spain, banned in England, robbed and treated as dhimmi in all Muslim countries, thrown in gas chambers in Poland and Germany. Nobody ever gave the Jewish people free housing or food stamps all those years, no one gave the Jewish people empathy, yet they always survived and prospered. So much so that their success inspired more persecution, not less; and not one Jew rioted. How do explain the Jewish people? In one three letter word- GOD
Have a great day

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Time to Turn Back to Reality

Think about it- the whole world is using our technology and our medical breakthroughs, advances that came from the Judeo/Christian nations. Mean while our own politicians and professors are shouting, “all religions are equal!” Bull snort. If they attack us they’ll use planes and weapons and internal combustion engines developed in the west. If they treat their soldiers, they’ll use medical discoveries from the west, and most recently, those discovered by Jewish researchers. Pantheism fails, and pantheistic morals fail, leading to HIV outbreaks and syphilis epidemics and broken homes and societies. Time to turn back to reality folks, and start celebrating our advantages, blessings that come from acknowledging the one true God. Let’s stop attacking the religion that gave them to us. Let’s share the faith and quit maligning it.

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We’ve come a long way, baby?

We’ve come a long way, baby? America was not founded by a people who wanted the freedom to pursue the moral doctrines of Sodom and Gomorrah but by a people who wanted the freedom to pursue the righteousness of God.

The Story of the English Puritans, Reformation and Revival, published in 1910, author John Brown said this;

“The fundamental idea of Puritanism…was the supreme authority of the Scriptures brought to bear upon the conscience…the Puritan, whether narrow or broad, mistaken or enlightened, seemed to himself at least to be aiming not at singularity (uniqueness) but at obedience to that higher spiritual order prevailing in the Universe, which he recognized as being the mind of God, and therefore of more authority than the mere…requirements of man.”

Alexis de Tocqueville said this;
“Persecuted by the government of the mother country, and disgusted by the habits of a society which the rigor of their own principles condemned, the Puritans went forth to seek some rude and unfrequented part of the world where they could live according to their own opinions and worship God in freedom.” De Tocqueville, Alexis, Democracy in America, Ch. 2

Now we find ourselves in a nation where the government has removed all vestiges of God from the classroom, outlawing prayer and inserting atheist fairy tales into the science curriculum. All under the guise of a pretended religious neutrality. Homosexual behavior is being endorsed by the government at all cost, despite an increase in sexual plagues associated with the behavior and is aggressively persecuting those who would resist giving their open approval for religious reasons. When states have voted in defense of traditional marriage laws, the government has sent department of justice agents to require judges to overrule such votes.

By government mandate biological males are now allowed to use the girls facilities in public schools. We’ve come a long way baby? Yes, but I’m not sure that the direction is upward, but rather a downward freefall from religious freedom and moral stability, towards a cesspool of chaos. It will take a strong moral revolution to recover and strong resistance to even slow the fall. And unlike the Puritans, we have no territory to which we can flee.

Fortunately, we still have the same God to flee to for help, and the same Scriptures to stand on.

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Quote of the week; Will Durant

“By offering evolution in place of God as a cause of history, Darwin removed the theological basis of the moral code of Christendom. And the moral code that has no fear of God is very shaky. That’s the condition we are in.” Will Durant

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Why does our federal government tolerate urban rioters but gun down protesting cattle ranchers?

Is it a government of the people, or of a party?

This year we have been witness to many government protests. Most were inner city riots, carried out by people who largely subsist on government welfare. These groups attacked police with rocks, overturned and burned cars, and looted and destroyed private businesses. In these situations both the police and national guard were told to “give them room” and in general the police forces and government were very careful to not respond violently. Most of those violent protest groups were made up of democratic voters, voters that support “the government party.”

The second type of protests we saw took place out in the middle of the northwest desert, far from any private businesses. The protesters were ranchers who were being harassed and regulated off their traditional range lands by the BLM. Even federal judges have supported the rancher’s claim that that the BLM has behaved criminally and hostilely towards the ranchers. These ranchers are not usually supporters of the government party, the democratic party, and usually vote Republican or independent and they run family businesses like cattle and sheep ranches on range land they developed and using water and springs, they developed even if on public land. How were these protesters treated by the government law enforcers? They didn’t riot, they never threatened any private property. No cars were burned, no rocks thrown, no stores destroyed or looted. How were they treated? They were ambushed on a isolated highway, in the middle of nowhere, and gunned down in the snow. No questions asked. There seems to be a slight disparity in how the government treats protestors that support the democratic party, the government party, and those who are independent thinkers and support the Republican party.

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Recognizing the inherent dangers of the Islamic religion isn’t a phobia

Recognizing the inherent dangers of the Islamic religion isn’t a phobia

I wanted to reply to a popular trending facebook post yesterday that basically states people are being taught to hate Muslims, like Malcolm X, etc. I apologize to my non-collegiate friends because their instincts are good enough to know that Islam is not an enlightened religion, and that doesn’t mean they hate Muslims.

But college is now designed to strip you of the ability to reason, and it rewards you for simply adopting the “right attitudes”. So as quickly as I can- people are not being taught to hate Muslims- have you not attended a secular college? It is the premier theistic religion in academia, following only atheism in adulation. They love it.

2) recognizing that Islam is a violent, coercive religion which strangles freedom of thought in a society, doesn’t mean you hate Muslims. It means you reject Islam as a religion, got it?

Moving along- Mohammad, the founder, the example to Muslim people, was a caravan bandit, and led raids against Jewish villages- according to the Sira, he personally beheaded 100s of Jewish people. He had women, mothers, assassinated. During his Meccan years he was poor and his Quranic verses were passive; after he moved to Medina and began raiding, particularly Jewish towns, his power increased and the verses he wrote became violent and warlike. This is called the principle of abrogation which Muslim apologists fail to inform people in order to mislead. He robbed people of their money and property, he killed, he told his followers to beat their wives, he had sex with barely teenagers. Just for starters.

If his followers imitate him, how will they behave? During a revival of brutal Jihad around the globe – it is not hateful to slow down Muslim immigration into America. All religions are not equal- and there are dozens of Sharia countries around the world where they could immigrate. How stupid do you want to be? If you want to discuss this or debate the merits of Islam, fine. But radio the posts that equate rejection of Islam with a phobia. That is not a coherent argument; it’s an ad hominem attack

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