The Democratic party’s “New Morality”

Teddy Roosevelt;
“All these sham reformers, in the name of a new morality, preach the old, old vice and self-indulgence which rotted out first the moral fiber and then even the external greatness of Greece and Rome.”
Teddy Roosevelt, The Foes of Our Own Household, 1917, p 112

Comparing the Democratic party’s candidate’s world view and policies to Adolph Hitler might seem offensive – but Hitler, like Stalin and Mao, was driven by an evolutionary world view. Which is why Germany and Russia were the first Western nations to strip infants of their right to life. Basically we fought a war against Hitler, and then in the sixties adopted his worldview. He also moved quickly to strip the people of their arms and then moved against the church. The Nuremberg trial documents his moves, often quite sneaky, but relentless. Hitler forced his evolutionary pagan worldview on Germany- we adopted it after a hippy hedonistic revival. The Democratic party is the party lending the strongest support for that view. You support that party, you’re supporting the devaluing of human life, the enforced teaching of evolution in public school and the slaughter of infants. And a relentless attack on Christian ethics and morals. It’s that simple.

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Is carbon in the atmosphere forcing dramatic warming or has it been historically a natural result of warming?

How much of a role does carbon play in weather change? Is carbon in the atmosphere forcing dramatic warming or has it been historically a natural result of warming?

Carbon build up in the atmosphere follows warming periods in weather interpretations taken from the ice core- carbon doesn’t precede or cause warming but appears to be a product of weather change

I don’t want to be too hard on my “man caused climate catastrophist” friends, because I know it’s a closely held religious view,(one that has removed God from the picture or gives him little consequence) and has some aspects which are quite convenient to human nature. You can watch porn all day, cheat on your taxes, and endorse the killing of unborn infants at a political level, and still not violate any religious standard. Not bad. But not necessarily scientific. One of the interesting aspects of the interpretation of weather in the ice cores, and not one I plan to major on, but still of interest, is the relation of warning trends to carbon build up as it’s found in the cores. Does Carbon cause weather to warm or is carbon build up a result of warming climates? Well….that’s not really a tough argument to solve, because in the ice core samples interpreted by scientists, carbon build up follows climate warming- it doesn’t precede it. Some reports estimate it follows by 800 or more years, and some say the lag is only 400 or so years. I think it’s probably much less as I don’t think the ice sheets are that old. But what we do know, is the carbon does follow the warming, not vice versa. Faced with this data, articles defending the faith of carbon caused warming go into long discussions of mathematical calculations on how to measure man caused carbon input, its ability to effect warming, or oceanic input etc. But at the end of the rabbit trails we end up with the fact that in the historical weather reading from the ice cores- warm weather periods were not a product of carbon build up; carbon build up was the result of warmer weather. This would help explain why there was no temperature rise from 1940 to 1970, a period when man produced carbon entered the atmosphere at one of its highest rates. Kind of would of been better for climate catastrophists if the reverse was true. This isn’t to say carbon doesn’t play a role in warming- But it’s not the driving force of weather change people would like it to be. Man is a religious creature by nature, and particularly when that religion puts so few moral demands on him. And when that belief is handy politically, it’s very hard to part with.

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This IS our country!

This IS our country. We built this government, it didn’t build us.

In every socialist (evolutionary based) movement including the present one under Obama and Hillary and the like- they will tell you ” You didn’t build this!”, “It not your country!” Etc., and they’ll despise the Christian foundation and pretend it doesn’t exist or that you have no right to it. They do this because they know your basic rights don’t come from government and they want to convince you otherwise. They want their government to be your god. Every dictator since Darwin’s day has been the same. They’ll mock the bible and say it can’t be the basis for government. Stalin, Marx, Obama, Mao, same beliefs, same approach. But they’re wrong, and their lies are based on an evolutionary fairy tale, and they melt away in the face of the fossil record, the deleterious effects of mutation and they have failed every prediction they ever made. We do have a right to this nation and to our basic human liberties- listen to founder John Adams; ““Be it remembered that liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasures and their blood…Let it be known that British liberties are not the grants of princes or parliaments …that many of our rights are inherent and essential…established even before Parliament existed…Let us recollect and impress upon our souls the view and ends of our immediate forefathers..(the Puritans), Their amazing fortitude, their bitter sufferings…the civil and religious principles that…constantly supplied them and carried them through all hardships with patience and resignation..which conquered all discouragements.” John Adams

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It is wrong to Refuse to Stand Against a Known Evil

A vote for the left is a vote directly for saline acid bath abortion and physical dissection of the most innocent of human beings and continued promotion of the free sex at all costs 1960s lifestyle. Not to mention a few other problems.

The candidates running for office represent parties, and those parties have histories; they supported judges for SCOTUS who stood for major decisions, the Dred Scot decision legalizing slavery, for example; that was the democrats. They supported Roe vs Wade, that was and is supported by democratic judge picks. Even the kicking the 5 civilized tribes off their land- a decision that Davy Crockett fought against tooth and nail, was largely the actions of the Democratic party. So these two candidates still represent two different parties, with histories of separate values. The Democratic party has adopted and promoted the values of the 60’s moral implosion for over 50 years. Free sex, abortion, the anti-family and anti-biblical feminist movement. They promoted the welfare program to manipulate the black vote and virtually destroyed the black family structure. They have promoted an anti-American and anti -Christian spirit while soft peddling Islam and atheism and socialism. They have been the leaders in going after the second amendment, stripping us of our arms. The Republican party has not been consistent in its support of traditional (Christian) values, the Democratic party has been consistent in attacking them. Who knows, Trump may be the anti-christ- but I know for sure what the Democratic left will do. And you’re not going to vote? Pshaw.

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Kudos to Britain for Brexit!

I can hardly believe the Brits still had the b___s to do this. The greatest and oldest and possibly the first Christian nation in the world- Welsh rebels against Rome were kept prisoner in Caesar’s household as servants when Paul the apostle was there and brought the gospel to Wales after the invasion by Claudius- for almost 2000 years, never perfect but always Christian as a nation- even in Churchill’s time. And Winston made it clear it was Christianity that had made them great. Since then Britain has fallen from her roots like a staggering old lady deep in the dementia of old age, forgetful of all that made her great. But now, even as the anti-Christ stirs in the shadows, suddenly we see a little of rebel leader Caractacus in her, defiantly casting off subservience to Rome and giving them the royal boot. And may the Lord bless Britain and keep the EU far from her

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Worried about white privilege? Try some Jewish Privilege!

Worried about white privilege? Try some Jewish Privilege!

Isn’t it kind of strange, with all the “black lives matter” riots and empathy and all the talk of white privilege, it’s the Jewish people who are being targeted? College Campuses go all BLM! but also BDS Israel. The US government insults Israel but holds hands with Persia (Iran) You want privilege? Try some Jewish privilege! 400 years of slavery in Egypt, targeted and persecuted across Europe, Russia and the Mideast by Christian and Muslim and Atheist alike, for millennias. Thrown off their land in pogroms in Russia and the Ukraine, made to wear yellow stars in Spain, banned in England, robbed and treated as dhimmi in all Muslim countries, thrown in gas chambers in Poland and Germany. Nobody ever gave the Jewish people free housing or food stamps all those years, no one gave the Jewish people empathy, yet they always survived and prospered. So much so that their success inspired more persecution, not less; and not one Jew rioted. How do explain the Jewish people? In one three letter word- GOD
Have a great day

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Time to Turn Back to Reality

Think about it- the whole world is using our technology and our medical breakthroughs, advances that came from the Judeo/Christian nations. Mean while our own politicians and professors are shouting, “all religions are equal!” Bull snort. If they attack us they’ll use planes and weapons and internal combustion engines developed in the west. If they treat their soldiers, they’ll use medical discoveries from the west, and most recently, those discovered by Jewish researchers. Pantheism fails, and pantheistic morals fail, leading to HIV outbreaks and syphilis epidemics and broken homes and societies. Time to turn back to reality folks, and start celebrating our advantages, blessings that come from acknowledging the one true God. Let’s stop attacking the religion that gave them to us. Let’s share the faith and quit maligning it.

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