The Worlds Bloodiest Religion

Atheism; the Worlds Most Dangerous Religion

                CNN put on a special a few months back, called something like “Gods Warriors” in which some of the religious motivation behind today’s conflict in the Mid-East was explored. And of course there are with out a doubt, religious as well as ethnic ingredients fueling the unrest that typically surrounds the tiny nation of Israel. However, the bias of “all problems are caused by religion” or “religious fanatics” was quite evident. This is the attitude or approach one almost always finds in the media or in modern academia, and usually without much balance. But the biggest problem behind these types of shows or textbook presentations is the insidious way in which they are presented.

                And I don’t mean just that only the negative side of the religious contribution to mankind is presented, though that would be undoubtedly true. This is particularly so when the religion being discussed involves Judeo-Christianity. But that is a subject which deserves an entire article to begin to do more than just scratch the surface. The real sneaky and insidious part of these discussions usually lies in the fact that at least one religion is always left out of the conversation; Atheism. This is particularly dishonest when the entire program or article is being written from one certain viewpoint, that of secular humanism, or naturalism, which are just nice words for Atheism. Atheism, ahh, the nice religion. The only neutral religion. And it is the only religion which is usually able to hide its religious identity behind the mask of non-religion or religious neutrality.

                But is it really the safe religion? And should we allow it to continue to disguise itself in a cloak of secular non-religion, in our public schools and media? Despite the howls of protests by its adherents, atheism certainly is a religion, with its own creation story (Darwinism), and belief system. And far from being the nice, safe religion it claims to be, it is rather the bloodiest of all religions, having killed and maimed more people in its short reign of a little more than a hundred years, then all the other major religions can be accused of killing in the last two millennia. And I make that statement even after generously excluding the huge numbers of abortions that have taken place throughout the world in the last fifty years.

                Mao is admitted to have killed over 40 million during his brief stay on earth, and we won’t add the numbers of infants killed in the forced abortion policy. Or the number of inmates killed in the body parts industry. Hitler, a very enthusiastic evolutionist, killed over 6 million in his death camps, but how many more could be added to the death list if his entire war effort fueled in a large part by his strident evolutionary faith is calculated?  Pol Pot in Cambodia slaughtered his millions, including large numbers of doctors and other educated people. And then there is Mother Russia. I remember when it was considered extremely hip to make fun of Ronald Reagan for labeling Russia as the, “Evil Empire”. That was before we had even a vague idea of the vastness of the human, “Gulag”, system, with its thousands of prison labor camps all across Russia. Stalin alone, in just 30 years, killed 85,000,000 to 100,000,000 human beings. Of course if you were a promising young scientist, you could go to live in one of the many Secret Cities which enjoyed a much higher standard of living. Remember, all people are equal, but some are more equal than others in a society where the individual can be sacrificed for the improvement of the, um, more equal.

                Not that those slave labor camps weren’t a real boon to the Soviet economy. Stalin was able to put 100,000 workers with pick and shovels to work building the canal from the White Sea to the Baltic. Unfortunately one third of those workers died in the process, but there were millions more where they came from. In the Kolyma mines, millions of political prisoners were put to work. One third of them were expected to die their first year. The rest died in their second year. Again, I won’t more than mention the mass graves, the millions of forced abortions, the incredibly dangerous environmental policies, which exposed people to high level of pollutants and worse. The nice religion?

                No Magna Charta here, nothing to appeal to which says that even kings and governments are still under God and accountable to His Laws. Only the law of “survival of the fittest”. Can we really afford to allow “secular humanism” to continue to hide its Dorian Gray like face behind the mask of religious neutrality?


6 Responses to The Worlds Bloodiest Religion

  1. Steven Posey says:

    Wow, true thoughts and good research. I wrote a paper on basically this same topic for college but it did not the force of yours.


    • notmanynoble says:

      Thanks Steve, appreciate it, that is a topic I feel strongly about and one that is totally misrepresented or unrepresented in the School systems. I had about 3 years of secular college on line, and like you, I had plenty of opportunities to write unpopular papers…lol


  2. I’m glad I ran on to this! I am an atheist, but long ago came to believe that communism was and is a godless religion. The human mind seems to crave “something” to believe in. Thanks, Gary


  3. David says:

    Quite an illogical article. Atheism is not a religion, it is the lack thereof. There are no shared beliefs of atheism, there isn’t an Atheist Vatican that congregated and speaks as the voice of Atheism. Grouping them is intellectually dishonest. None of those atrocities were committed in the name of godlessness like you are claiming, it is simply absurd and borderline lying to make an unfounded claim because you were offended by factual information. Pretty saf, and I hope for the sake of your readers that your other content is more honest.


    • notmanynoble says:

      Well, if atheism isn’t a religion, a set of beliefs about how we got here, etc., why do they keep pushing the atheist creation story, Darwinism, in the public school system? It takes a lot of faith to believe that one. And that’s what religion is all about. Also, and I hate to hurt your feelings, but you are stuck with the fact, that even if atheism wasn’t a religion, then those professing it have killed more people in thirty years than all those horrible religious people have in centuries.


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