Three Ways to Destroy a Nation

 Three Ways to Destroy a Nation (+1)

1.)  Adopt 1960’s sexual values over traditional Biblical values. Since the 60’s sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement we’ve had enough years intervening to take stock of the results from a strictly secular view. We’ve seen the divorce rate explode, sexual activity before marriage and outside of marriage (both heterosexual and homosexual) is off the charts (particularly cohabitation) and practically expected of young teens.  TV is filled with promiscuity, passionate kissing, frontal nudity, ads for sexual aids, and constant jokes referencing sex. And that’s just daytime TV. The internet is the source of most teen porn access, and thus America has reached a point of sexual saturation unrivaled even by ancient Greece or Rome. All these behaviors fall outside of the biblical mandate for sexual intimacy inside of marriage only, from which came the “old world” idea held in previous centuries of Holy Matrimony.

             This kind of behavior is hardly new, and in fact Romans ch.1 (NT) pretty well states that this trend or pattern of breaking out of Gods sexual boundaries has been typical of nations turning away from God since the beginning of time. None the less the idea has been marketed as new and progressive, and it might be good to take a look at what kind of pragmatic results this behavior has on a society. After all we were told in the 60’s that God was “dead”.  All those narrow sexual mores we’d been burdened with were mere figments of an outdated religion started by a bunch of old white men that hated life in general and particularly sexual freedom. The biblical framework for sexual behavior was not there for our protection, it was there to spoil our fun.  However, after being hit with the AIDs epidemic along with dozens of other new STDs, some which are fatal, and almost all which have the nasty habit of staying around for life, we might want to rethink the God is dead theory. But this article is supposed to be about destroying a nation. Quite simply, hyper sexuality, particularly in the form of homosexuality is the reason God judged and destroyed many pagan nations. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

2.) Kill lots of babies, which in the bible is known as polluting the land with innocent blood. (Ps. 106:38) Refuse to give aid to even those babies that miraculously survive the saline abortion method. Call it a “side issue”. God won’t. Human beings are made in the image of God, and to kill an innocent human being is in effect an attack on God Himself. God is not impressed with the outlawing of hunting and our vegetarianism or our placing more value on animal life than human. The blood of millions of aborted innocents has been crying out against us since legitimatizing abortion in 1973, and the cry is growing daily.

3.) Suppress the knowledge of God or any evidence of his existence, goodness, mercy, or righteousness and scoff at possible judgment. I think the growing animosity for the biblical God’s standards in this society is all too obvious. You can talk about God all day long as long as you don’t tie Him to real history, real science, or give any credence to His moral standards. The New Testament book of Romans chapter 1:18 clearly states that the wrath of God is against those nations that suppress Gods Truth in unrighteousness. It’s not a real tough call.

4) Turn your back on Israel. God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel is still very much in place. And the remarkable providence in the Jewish peoples survival after centuries of unparalleled persecution, and their regathering back into their land after almost 2000 years of diaspora, should sound a wake up call to any that doubt that.


2 Responses to Three Ways to Destroy a Nation

  1. Ken Brookes says:

    Three ways I agree with. You have thrown in a fourth .. Turn your back on Israel. As long as we understand ‘Israel’ correctly .. the people of God, those of the faith of Abraham, then I would agree. Not as a racial entity… in Christ, there is no such thing a race.


    • notmanynoble says:

      Jesus was a Jew, descended from the family of Abraham through David. God made promises both to and through the Jewish people. I am one of those protestants that believe the Jewish people, as an entity still hold a place in prophesy as his original people. I stand by the Jewish people and the modern nation of Israel and will not change my position on that, though I recognize many protestants and Catholics don’t agree.


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